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88 Kensington, Kensington

There is a lot of action on site at 88 Anzac Parade, with the structure construction and internal fitouts underway. We have been informed some owners have asked questions as to whether the site will be delivered in two stages. i.e. the Northern half and Southern half. The Project Manager has confirmed that this will not be the case. To explain this futher, the reason that the Northern half is currently further progressed than the Southern portion is because excavation works on the Southern corner took longer to complete. In order to not delay the construction works, Luxcon made the decision to commence building on the Northern portion rather than wait for the whole site to be excavated completely. The Southern portion of the site is progressing now quite quickly and internal fitouts have commenced in the Northern portion lower levels. Please see below a more detailed account of the works progress on site: - All basement works are now complete. - Basement 2 ground slab has been completed as has the basement 1 carpark slab which was poured last week. - The remaining Southern half of the ground slab is currently being formed and is anticipated to be poured mid-April. - The Northern half of the site has structure currently compelted up to level 7, with level 8 currently being formed up. - It is anticipated that the structure for the Northern portion of the site will be completed by mid-April. - Internal walls and services installation has commenced on level 3 on the Northern half of the site. - Tiles have been ordered for laundries and bathrooms.

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